Please also note that there has been some rule changes this season as listed below;

– ALL Junior competitions must have at least 3 females registered on there team (this includes Kindy – Grommets 9/10)
– Players must be born within the years specified on the registration form to play in that division
– Players must be turning 15 in the year of registration to play in a senior competition
– Players are to play in one competition only, with the exception of those playing in a mixed team
– There is a minimum requirement of 4 teams per competition for that division to go ahead


1. It is about Fun and Fitness (No heavy tackles). No injuries to anyone. There are no sheep stations to play for, and all teams make the finals.

2. To score a goal, a player must be in the end zone, unless the ball is headed or deflects off an opponent.

3. There are no goalkeepers.

4. No referees, it’s an honesty system.

5. If a team is short they can borrow a player/s from any of the other teams.

6. Both throw ins or kick ins are acceptable. We will be flexible with our rules and adjust them if needed.