This competition is intended to be about relaxation and enjoyment. People are expected to participate in an appropriate spirit of good sporting conduct. Most players are working people with jobs to go to. The avoidance of serious injury and maintaining a safe playing environment is everyone’s responsibility.

The emphasis will be on enjoyment and safety. Referees have the job of ensuring that competition is safe – as far as possible. Reckless and/or dangerous play will not be accepted.

A maximum of six players per team is allowed on the field at any one time.

  1. A minimum of four players is required for a team to start a game, otherwise game and points are forfeited.
  2. Players must wear soft- shoe footwear (this includes moulded sole football boots).
  4. Jewellery or glasses  that constitute a hazard to player safety must not be worn. Caps and hats are not to be worn by on field players. (goalkeepers allowed)
  5. FIFA laws apply with the following exceptions:
  6. There is no offside.
  7. All free kicks are direct.
  8. Throw-ins are to be taken at the point where the ball left the playing area.
  9. Free interchange of players is allowed without advising the referee. Players being substituted must leave the field from the designated sideline at the halfway line. The departing player must leave before the replacement comes on. The substitute player must come on from the halfway line.
  10. Goalkeepers may be interchanged only after notifying the referee. Failure to notify the referee will be penalised by the awarding of a penalty kick. Interchange of the goalkeeper cannot take place whilst a free kick or penalty kick is to be taken.
  11. Goalkeepers may only handle the ball within the goal area semi-circle.
  12. Goalkeepers cannot kick the ball once they have picked it up. It may be thrown in any manner (over-arm; under-arm).
  13. Goal kicks are taken from any point on the goal-line within the goal area semi-circle.
  14. Penalty kicks are taken from the centre point on the goal area semi-circle. All other players must be behind the kicker.
  15. All field players (not GK) must stay on both feet when contesting the ball – no sliding
  16. Any player can be sent from the field by the referee for a 5 minute cooling off period if deemed necessary (Yellow Card). This player cannot be substituted for the 5 minutes.
  17. Any player sent off by a referee (Red card) will incur an automatic one game suspension or a longer suspension as determined by the committee. For a second sending-off in the competition a player may be suspended from the competition. Similar penalties apply to unsporting conduct off the field of play, including abuse of officials, other players or organisers.
  18. Players should not be intoxicated. Committee has the discretion to Red Card a player they believe to be intoxicated.
  19. Acceptable language should be used at all times. Foul language will not be tolerated and can incur a penalty or suspension.
  20. Points will be awarded for results as follows:

Win (including win by forfeit)            3

Draw                                                    1

Lose or forfeit                                     0

Ignorance of these rules or of the laws of football will not be accepted as a defence.


(see Rule Variation for Mixed Teams below)

Teams consist of up to a maximum of ten registered players and a minimum of six. The full registration fee must accompany the team sheet for registration to be accepted.

  • A player registered in a particular grade cannot play in a lower grade (Over 35’s and Mixed competition players are exempt from this rule).
  • A team having fewer than six of its registered players present at the scheduled start time for a game may borrow one registered player from the same grade or lower. The borrowed player must play goalkeeper (except in Over 35’s). A player cannot be borrowed for quarter, semi and grand finals.
  • Players must be 15 or older to play in the senior divisions.
  • Any “borrowed” player can play only as goalkeeper (except in Over 35’s) and must leave the game as soon as a registered player turns up to play. A borrowed player cannot score.
  1. Penalty for fielding an ineligible player – team forfeits the game and incurs a three point penalty in addition.
  2. All team members must wear identical distinctive team shirts. No fluorescent shirts allowed. All shirts are to be numbered and correspond with the team registration form. Teams fielding players without the team’s strip will be warned on first occasion and deducted 3 competition points on all subsequent occasions.
  3. Games consist of two equal halves of 15 minutes with no half-time break. A hooter will signify start, half-time and finish times.
  4. Children are the responsibility of their parent or guardian and must be properly supervised. Climbing on, swinging on, or damaging property belonging to the club or the Sports Council is prohibited.
  5. Team coordinators will be held responsible for their players if found in breach of any rules whether the coordinators were aware or not. Penalties for rule breaches will be decided by the committee.
  6. The committee will be the final arbiter on any disciplinary action arising from a breach of the rules; and on any interpretation of these rules.
  7. Fixtures postponed because of ground closure will be replayed at a date to be decided and announced by the committee. Rounds may be abandoned without points being allocated at the discretion of the committee.
  8. A registered player must have played at least 3 regular competition games to qualify for quarter final, semi final and final games.
  9. Semi finalists shall be the four highest placed teams in each division. First will play fourth; second will play third. In the event of points being tied, first goal difference; then goals scored; then results between the tied teams on count-back; then a coin toss as last resort shall decide position on the ladder.

Alternatively, the committee may decide that semi-finalists be determined by quarter-final matches with higher ranked team requiring a win or draw in normal time to progress to the Semi Finals.

  1. Quarter Finals, Semi Finals & Finals shall be decided by the golden goal system, with “drop-off”.
  2. The Committee reserves the right to amend the rules during the competition (eg. introduction of quarter finals)
  3. Any complaints or requests are to be put in writing to the Committee Secretary.
  4. Drop off – Quarter Finals, Semi Finals & Finals Only

No players can be borrowed for any finals.

Each side nominates six players to commence extra time. There will be no interchange.

Every two minutes a player from each team shall leave the field, until only two remain. The goalkeeper may be “dropped-off” but may not be replaced by another player acting as goalkeeper. The goalkeeper must be the same player during the drop-off segment.

Each two minute period restarts with the team in possession playing the ball from where play stopped. Opposing players must be at least 5 metres from the ball at the re-start of play.

The first team to score wins the game.

Rule Variations for Mixed Competition(new)

  1. A minimum of 3 female players need to register per mixed team.
  2. 2 female players must be on the field of play at all times.
  • If a mixed team has only 1 female player attend then team must play with 5 players only.